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  • Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015

    Dark Tranquility

    With Insomnium, Insatia, Severed Receptors. All ages.

  • Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015

    Indigenous and The Plateros

    Indigenous is fronted by lead singer/guitarist Mato Nanji and has gone through many changes since its beginnings in South Dakota. Nanji originally started the band with his family members and they played together for 10 years. Once they left after Indigenous released its debut album Chasing the Sun in 2006, Nanji recruited new members and began to create a new sound.

    The Plateros are a three-piece blues power rock family band from New Mexico. Playing a Texas style of blues with a healthy dose of 70s rock and roll, the trio also incorporates a strong Native American influence into the music they create.

    21+ show

  • Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015

    White Arrows

    White Arrows may never divulge the source of their strange magic, but it's hard not to picture a mystic dance floor hidden in the midst of a tropical rainforest. The Los Angeles band stands at these balmy crossroads like a vision from an alternate reality: classic without leaning on nostalgia, visionary but not unfamiliar. What should be a collision of sounds and styles—ritualistic rhythm and four-four thump, synth sequences and strummed guitars, garage-y grind and airy atmosphere—is, in this quintet's capable hands, a fluidly seething whole. Call it Psychotropical pop, something both busy and breezy Call it Paul Simon in space. This is White Arrows.

    With GRMLN, MRCH. This show is all ages. Tickets at Stinkweeds.

  • George Winston [SOLD OUT] @ MIM Music Theater Jan. 27
  • Steve and Alix @ Old Town Tavern Jan. 27
  • House Of Stairs @ Lost Leaf Gallery Jan. 27
  • Jared and the Mill @ Crescent Ballroom Jan. 27
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