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  • Saturday, Jun. 06, 2015

    Sam Prekop

    Sam Prekop and Archer Prewitt are two musicians I have been following longer than most. Their work together in the Chicago based band, The Sea and Cake and Prekop's solo projects, has produced some of my favorite and lasting albums. Although considered "pop-rock" musicians, I find their music pulls just as much influence from minimalist composers and Brazilian pop and jazz. Interested to hear Prekop's newest songs in this configuration, as well as some of the classics.

  • Saturday, May. 30, 2015


    love honeyhoney's tongue and cheek deliveries... if you're not paying attention, you'll find yourself surprised at the lyrical output and entranced by the vocal delivery. Paste magazine described the band's music as somewhere between, spaghetti western soundtracks and swampy blues. If that's sounds up your alley, you know what to do.

  • Tuesday, Jun. 02, 2015


    One of the first shows at Rebel Lounge! This show will get rowdy!

  • Sunday, Jun. 07, 2015

    Preservation Hall Jazz Band (later show)

    My favorite show last year was seeing PHJB live at Scottsdale Performing Arts Center! Can't wait to see them bring down the house at the MIM!

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