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Wednesday, May. 24, 2017

Adios, Sunshine: Andy Warpigs / Dadadoh

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Summer is finally here! And counter-intuitively, Phoenix residents do one thing in the hotter(est) months: Hide. From. The. Sun. The lack of vitamin D has the same effect on people dumb enough to shovel snow in other parts of the world: Makes. You. Depressed.

Anyway, let's celebrate! It's the last day you'll be feeling cheerful for at least four months! Adios, Sunshine!

Andy Warpigs


Other bands TBA.

Coincidentally, for local rock critic Troy Farah, this will be one of his last days in town before he moves. Come say hi or bye or punch him in the gut! There will be cake, a photobooth, ugly decorations, live art, live bees, dead mimes, fireworks display, and Russian Roulette!!

Presented by PHX SUX.


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