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Friday, Nov. 24, 2017

Meat Puppets

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On sale now! with Porcupine. Tickets at STINKWEEDS. Out of all of the bands that made SST Records a towering force in the American underground during the mid-'80s, Tempe's Meat Puppets lasted the longest, surviving where other bands fell apart. Not only did they play hard, loud, and fast, but they also had elements of the blues-rock of ZZ Top, the ambling folk-rock of the Grateful Dead, and Neil Young's country-rock and hard rock. As they grew older, the band matured musically, developing an accomplished instrumental technique and moving closer to the traditional hard rock that was always underneath their punk. But they never quite abandoned their punk roots, even when they briefly broke into the mainstream in the early '90s.

With with Porcupine


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