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Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017

Nakatani Gong Orchestra (Courtyard)

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A handful of Phoenix musicians join forces with Tatsuya Nakatani to present the Nakatani Gong Orchestra!

"NGO, NAKATANI GONG ORCHESTRA, is a contemporary live Sound Art project that tours throughout North and Central America.

NGO is a continuous, growing community engagement project; and the only bowing Gong orchestra in existence in the world today. The rich harmonies produced from multiple layers of bowed gongs are transformative, engaging and inspiring for both players and audiences. The gong bows and surrounding instrumentation equipment are handmade by Nakatani Kobo.

Audience members have described a NGO performance as entirely unlike anything they have ever experienced before, often relating feelings of cleansing or a sort of purification after the event."


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