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Thursday, May. 31, 2018


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The Melvins weren't the first band to acknowledge the heavy metal influences that most left-of-center bands had been trying to shake off since punk rock broke in 1977. But no other band to emerge from the punk/alternative underground would mine Black Sabbath's slow, monolithic roar with greater effect than the Melvins, and they would prove to be wildly influential despite barely breaking out of cult status. The drop-D tunings and brontosaurus stomp of grunge icons such as Tad, Mudhoney, and Soundgarden would be unthinkable without the trails the Melvins blazed, and Kurt Cobain often sang their praises, helping them land their first major-label recording deal in 1993.

With ALL SOULS. This show is 21+ Tickets at STINKWEEDS.


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