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Friday, Jul. 13, 2018

Rita Coolidge

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After ten years during which Rita Coolidge bore witness to some of her life’s greatest joys and deepest sorrows (and the publication of her acclaimed 2015 memoir, Delta Lady), Coolidge is back with Safe in the Arms of Time, her eighteenth solo album and a reaffirmation of her indomitable spirit and unquenchable creative thirst.

Safe in the Arms of Time marks Coolidge’s triumphant return to songwriting. She cowrote three of the album’s twelve songs, drawing inspiration from her personal journey. Her enthusiasm for sharing her life stories was infectious. Minutes after meeting, Coolidge, former Tom Petty drummer Stan Lynch, and Joe Hutto composed “You Can Fall in Love,” about reconnecting with an old flame, as all three were swept up in an irresistible creative current. “The song was done and demoed in five hours,” marvels Coolidge. “You Can Fall in Love” embodies one of the album’s compelling themes: It’s never too late. Early and Late Show!


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