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Saturday, Jul. 06, 2019

Dick Dale and Grave Danger

The "King of the Surf Guitar" is and always will be the legendary Dick Dale. This is an artist that absolutely pushed the limits on what a guitar could do, creating a sound fans never heard before and many have tried to duplicate since. When he first started jamming on the Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar he was a left-handed artist playing a guitar made for a right handed musician. What made this style so innovative and crazy was the fact that not only did he play the guitar initially upside down but backwards as well, meaning he did this without restringing the guitar!

Dick Dale introduced a type of reverb that created the "wet" sound he became famous for as well as creating that sound using incredibly fast scales. More than a half century later Dick Dale is not only still playing but he is still an incredible influence on the latest generation of guitar players.

With a vast catalog of powerful surf music to choose from every Dick Dale concert is an awesome experience. And yes, he still delivers a mind-blowing rendition of "Misirlou" live. Seeing the legend is such an intimate setting is going to be awesome.

What a perfect pick to open this show! One of THE punk veterans in the Valley, vocalist/guitarist Kevin Daly fronts Grave Danger, a trio that plays a killer style of surf-informed rockabilly. Daly has played in some of the Valley's most legendary alternative bands, including Grant and the Geezers and Hellfire. 21+ show

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