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Aug 19
  • Sunday, Aug. 19, 2018

    Olivia Jean

    As the frontwoman of the Nashville-based, Jack White-endorsed the Black Belles, Olivia Jean cultivated something of a cult following. After the Black Belles went their separate ways, Olivia Jean maintained a connection with Third Man Records, playing on a variety of White-related projects.

    With FAIRY BONES, THE REBEL SET. This show is 21+ Tickets at STINKWEEDS and online.

Aug 21
  • Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2018

    Sawyer Fredericks

    18 year old Singer-songwriter Sawyer Fredericks, hailing from his family's farm in central New York State, is fast establishing himself as an authentic, original, Americana artist with an old soul. His deep, beyond-his-years lyrics and melodies, raw, soulful vocals, and powerful live performances have attracted an ever growing number of devoted fans of all ages, selling out shows throughout the US. As a folk/blues singer-songwriter, who cut his teeth at local farmers markets, open mics, and iconic New York venues like Caffe Lena, the Towne Crier Cafe, and The Bitter End, Sawyer seemed an unlikely match for reality tv, but quickly won over broad audiences with his genuine delivery and unique arrangements of classic songs, going on to win season 8 of NBC's The Voice. Fresh from that whirlwind, Sawyer went forward with the release of his major label debut, A Good Storm, with Republic Records, an impressive blend of soulful Folk, blues, and rock, entirely written or cowritten by Sawyer. His 2016 A Good Storm Tour included 62 shows across the US.Tickets also available at Stinkweeds Records

Aug 22
  • Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2018

    Timber Timbre

    Timber Timbre's music has always traced a shadowed path, using cues of the past to fuse the sound of a distant, haunted now. On its fourth record Sincerely, Future Pollution Timber Timbre coats the stark, sensual sound of 2014's Hot Dreams in an oilblack rainbow of municipal grime. It is the cinema of a dizzying dystopia, rattled by the science fiction of this bluntly nonfictional time.

Aug 23
Aug 24
  • Friday, Aug. 24, 2018

    Flynt Flossy and Turquoise Jeep

    Turquoise Jeep Records is an independent record label founded by Flynt Flossy and Whatchyamcallit. It is best known for its YouTube videos including "Lemme Smang It" and "Did I Mention I Like to Dance."

    Tickets Available at Stinkweeds Records

Aug 25
Aug 26
  • Sunday, Aug. 26, 2018

    Regan and Watkins

    Regan and Watkins is a musical comedy super duo based out of Los Angeles, California. You've seen Pat Regan on Adam DeVine's House Party, The Eric Andre Show, and Last Comic Standing. You've seen Jeremiah Watkins on Comedy Central's Roast Battle, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and on the season 2 finale of HBO's Crashing with Pete Holmes. Together, you'll see Regan and Watkins melting faces with never-before-seen guitar saxophone rock n' roll comedy. Awesome jokes, killer music, and even catchier songs. Tickets also available at Stinkweeds Records

Aug 28
Aug 29
Aug 30
  • Thursday, Aug. 30, 2018

    Gerry Gonza

    Gerry Arellano set a blaze in the G House scene with his duo Thee Cool Cats in his early years. Touring around the world, playing clubs like Ministry of Sound London, Sankeys Ibiza, Green Valley, and joining huge line ups on festivals like EDC Las Vegas and BPM Festival, he discovered a world of new sounds and music which led him to pursue a solo career. He immediately gained attention from House heavyweights, Tchami & MALAA who released his club anthem “Bad Bitches” on their label Confession. Since then he’s had support from the likes of Diplo, Anna Lunoe, Claude VonStroke, Wax Motif, and many more.

Aug 31
Sep 02
  • Sunday, Sep. 02, 2018

    Chris Lake

    With Walker & Royce, Dateless, and Lucatti. 18+.

  • Sunday, Sep. 02, 2018

    Bad Bad Hats

    Bad Bad Hats is an indie rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The band consists of Kerry Alexander, Chris Hoge, and Connor Davison. Named for a trouble-making character from the Madeline children's books, Bad Bad Hats is defined by a balance of sweet and sour. Their music honors classic pop songwriting, with nods to nineties rock simplicity and pop-punk frivolity. Through it all, Alexander's unflinchingly sincere lyrics cut to the emotional heart of things. Tickets also available at Stinwkeeds.

Sep 04
  • Tuesday, Sep. 04, 2018

    Courtney Marie Andrews

    Courtney Marie Andrews spent over nine months of 2017 on the road, with multiple trips across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. That’s nothing new for Andrews, though. She’s been touring relentlessly since leaving her Arizona hometown at 16. It’s a life that inspired much of her 2016 breakthrough album, Honest Life. While that album’s themes spoke to the isolation and rootlessness inherent in a life on the road, most of its songs were actually written during an intentional, extended break. The success that followed its release, however, didn’t afford her the same break to write the material for her new album.Although May Your Kindness Remain was predominately written on the road -- in the van, in hotels, and in the homes of family and friends -- it’s not a road record like its predecessor. That is, it’s not so much inspired by her life on the road so much as it is by the people she’s met along the way. It’s an inward reflection on the connectivity of their stories and her own. “More than anything,” she says, “it got me thinking about my childhood, and the people around me that I’ve known, and the stories that come from my family. It became clear how many people are struggling through the same issues.” Tickets also available at Stinwkeeds

Sep 06
  • Thursday, Sep. 06, 2018

    Dark Rooms

    Dark Rooms is the name that Daniel Hart conjured up after years of touring and recording with bands like St. Vincent, Other Lives, The Rosebuds, Broken Social Scene, John Vanderslice, and The Polyphonic Spree. He became obsessed with photography, and wrote songs honoring that obsession. The band formed in Dallas, Texas, and now resides in Los Angeles, California.Tickets also available at Stinkweeds Records.

Sep 08
Sep 09
  • Sunday, Sep. 09, 2018

    Jade Bird

    Born in Hexham, U.K., Jade’s early life was spent mainly in flight as an “army brat.” One of life’s few constants proved to be the influence of strong working women. At first via her mother and grandmother, who largely raised her, but later the female role models within the musical subcultures Jade become obsessed with: from empowering country heroines like Loretta Lynn to iconic alternative songwriters like Patti Smith; Alanis Morisette’s Jagged Little Pill was a similar early touchstone. Jade recently spoke with Noisey about the influence of these and other women on her music. Tickets also available at Stinkweeds Records.

  • Sunday, Sep. 09, 2018

    Bishop Briggs

    On sale now!

Sep 11
  • Tuesday, Sep. 11, 2018


    This is a "living room show". The location in downtown Phoenix will be revealed once you purchase a ticket.

    Marie/Lepanto is a pseudonym for the joint partnership of Will Johnson (best known for his work fronting Centro-Matic) and Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster (Water Liars). The name Marie/Lepanto is taken from a road sign on route I-55 directing the traveler to both of those towns. Since it was located approximately halfway between Justin’s Arkansas home and Johnson’s in Missouri, the somewhat oblique tag makes sense.

    Regardless, the partnership of these indie folk/rock singer-songwriters results in an alternatively tender, dark, introspective and at times slightly psychedelic set, an extension of both artist’s previous work.

Sep 13
  • Thursday, Sep. 13, 2018

    Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears

    Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears return with their most subversive record to date: an exploration of the sordid trappings of ego; isolation, consumption, waste and war. Sonically inspired by the hill country blues of Junior Kimbrough, cowpunk style of The Gun Club, and the southern soul of Stax, the album charts new territory with a heavy stream of lyrical consciousness. This is ​The Difference Between Me & You.

Sep 14
  • Friday, Sep. 14, 2018

    Smooth Hound Smith

    Smooth Hound Smith is a foot stompin’ American roots duo comprised of “one-man-band” Zack Smith (guitars/vocals/foot drums/harmonicas/banjo) and Caitlin Doyle (vocals/percussion). Established in 2012, and based in East Nashville, TN, they record and perform a varied and unique style of folky, garage-infused rhythm & blues. Using primal foot percussion, complex, fuzzed-out, finger-picked guitar patterns, warbled harmonicas, tasty harmonies and A LOT of tambourine, they are able to create something rugged and visceral- a modern interpretation of early blues, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll music that harkens back to the traditions of hazy front porch folk songs as well as raucous back-alley juke joints. Tickets also available at Stinkweeds Records

Sep 15
Sep 18
Sep 21
  • Friday, Sep. 21, 2018

    Margaret Glaspy

    Born Yesterday is a bookend to New York singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy’s lauded 2016 debut album, Emotions and Math. “In releasing it, I feel set free to sink deep into my new inspirations while taking a break from the road and make something entirely new.” Glaspy continues, “These songs are the end of this chapter and mark a new beginning!”

    Emotions and Math was featured on many Year-End Lists when it was released in 2016, including the New York Times, NPR Music, Billboard, Mother Jones, and others. Glaspy toured the record intensely, playing countless shows throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. This season on the road birthed her new EP released on ATO Records, Born Yesterday. She recalls, “I wrote these songs on the road, in my hotel, on the plane, and at soundcheck. They were the product of the little time that I had to myself—three songs about different sides of love: love gone wrong, love gone right, and love at a distance.”

  • Friday, Sep. 21, 2018


    On sale now!

Sep 22
Sep 23
  • Sunday, Sep. 23, 2018

    Shonen Knife

    Shonen Knife’s front girl Naoko was inspired to form the band by Beatles,Ramones, Buzzcocks etc. in Osaka on December 30, 1981. The origin of the band name is an old brand name of a pencil sharpener knife. Their first album “Burning Farm” on zero records, Japan in 1983 was out on an legendary American label “K” Records in 1985. Their one and only unique sound got popular in North America, U.K. and Europe. And their first major album “Let’s Knife” was released in Japan, U.S. and U.K. in 1992. Shonen Knife keeps on releasing their rockin’ albums and touring rockin’ constantly worldwide!

  • Sunday, Sep. 23, 2018

    Macy Gray

    A gifted songwriter and singer, this Grammy Award-winning R&B and soul artist known for her distinctive raspy style has been overturning fan expectation and industry formula since kicking off her music career with her 1999 debut album, On How Life Is. The album spawned the classic single, "I Try," making the single and the album massive global hits.

Sep 24
Sep 25
  • Tuesday, Sep. 25, 2018

    The New Division

    The New Division is the alias of Los Angeles based electronic Musician/Producer John Glenn Kunkel. What began as a college bedroom project in Riverside, CA was eventually met with critical success in the winter 2011 debut E.P., “The Rookie.” A few months later, the first full-length record entitled “Shadows,” was declared "album of the year" by several renowned music tastemakers and garnered the band an international following. "Night Escape," which was released as the second E.P. in 2012, shifted gears with the project’s songcraft. Sonically, it featured a more developed and refined dance-oriented sound encompassing lush expansive instrumentation and brighter tonalities.

Sep 26
  • Wednesday, Sep. 26, 2018

    Julian Lage Trio

    On Modern Lore, Julian Lage's second studio recording with his trio, the composer and guitarist focuses on the groove, building his melodies and solos around the work of the prodigious rhythm section of double bassist Scott Colley and drummer Kenny Wollesen. Modern Lore finds Lage playfully flipping the script he followed on his acclaimed 2016 Mack Avenue debut, Arclight. That album -- produced, like Modern Lore, by Lage's friend and collaborator, the singer-songwriter Jesse Harris -- was his first trio set on electric guitar and found Lage inspired by the sounds and the attitude of the freewheeling, pre-bebop jazz era, when, as he puts it, "country music and jazz and swing were in this weird wild-west period." This time he incorporates the sensibility, if not the outright sound, of early rock and roll, a similarly hybrid form driven by rhythm, personality and a passion for the electric guitar. Tickets also available at Stinkweeds Records.

Sep 28
  • Friday, Sep. 28, 2018

    Scattered Melodies

    Scattered Melodies is a musical venture captained by Josh Montag with his first mate Jake Johnston, who strive to unite all communities, cities, and continents through the influence of music. As a rhythm section they enjoy the positive vibrations music brings to their lives, as well as the capability it has to bring humanity together for a greater cause. With their first collaborative effort titled " A Collective Agreement" they aim to create a practice of working together with other bands and artists within the studio musically, and out in the streets, to promote a greater community consciousness.

Sep 30
Oct 04
  • Thursday, Oct. 04, 2018

    The Blow

    The Blow (Melissa Dyne and Khaela Maricich) have spent the past many years building a system for massaging atmosphere. Specifically and technically: they have been manipulating sound and light waves in raw forms, using electroacoustic production tools and analog video synths. Emotionally and metaphysically: they have been constructing a world for themselves to live in. From a thrust of both curiosity and financial necessity, the duo found themselves working together in isolation in series of remote locations around the United States. Installing their portable studio in these places (a defunct ski resort in northern Georgia, for example) they confronted a variety of unwelcoming atmospheres. Through the process of developing their instruments and methods of producing sound and light projection, they massaged the airs around them, changing the qualities of the spaces and making spheres of atmosphere that were more habitable for existence. As the greater atmosphere of the country has slanted towards being more unwelcoming to general existence, this skill set has proven beneficial. Tickets also available at Stinkweeds Records.

  • Thursday, Oct. 04, 2018

    Bob Dylan

    On sale 8/10!

Oct 05
Oct 06
Oct 07
  • Sunday, Oct. 07, 2018

    Lecrae & Andy Mineo

    On sale 7/13! All ages.

  • Sunday, Oct. 07, 2018

    The Happy Fits

    Fencing champion Ross Monteith and orchestra nerd Calvin Langman didn't exactly get along in high school. However, a chance conversation about the success of Youtube cover bands brought the two together to pave a road to quick fortune. Their mix of rocking guitars and electric cello created a unique dynamic, blending their love of rock artists like The Black Keys and folk bands like The Violent Femmes. Working on covers grew tiresome, and an emotional break-up soon inspired them to write their first song together. The resulting music produced a youthful and chaotic frenzy of catchy melodies and raw instrumentals. When the band recruited professional gamer Luke Davis to join the band on drums, The Happy Fits were born.

Oct 10
Oct 11
Oct 13
Oct 15
Oct 18
  • Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018


    Anthrax will “Bring the Noise” to the Arizona State Fair on Thursday, October 18th! This pioneering heavy metal band is bringing a night full of headbanger favorites.

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