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  • Tuesday, Apr. 23, 2019

    Los Straitjackets and Igor and the Red Elvises

    Los Straitjackets is an American instrumental rock band that formed in Nashville, Tennessee in 1988. Originally comprising guitarists Danny Amis (formerly of the Raybeats), Eddie Angel and drummer L. J. "Jimmy" Lester under the name The Straitjackets, the band split up soon after forming, but reunited as Los Straitjackets in 1994 with the addition of bassist E. Scott Esbeck. Esbeck left the band in 1998 and was replaced by Pete Curry. The current lineup also features Greg Townson on guitar and Chris "Sugarballs" Sprague on drums. The band has released fourteen studio albums, four collaboration albums and three live albums with their latest release being 2017's What's So Funny About Peace Love And Los Straitjackets.

    Igor and the Red Elvises return to its Valley home base at the Rhythm Room this evening! Igor and the Red Elvises began creating music back in 1995 after Igor Yuzov had moved to the United States coming from his home in Russia. The band has gone through many line-ups over the years, but two things remain constant; Yuzov's sense of humor and the band's knack for making music that incorporates styles such as rock and roll, rockabilly and surf with a strong Russian influence. 21+ show

  • Tuesday, Apr. 23, 2019

    Daryl Stuermer Duo

    Celebrating over thirty years of musical accomplishments, virtuoso lead-guitarist Daryl Stuermer of the super-group Genesis and the Phil Collins band has been touring the world to sold out crowds since 1978.

    Stuermer now tours with the Daryl Stuermer Band, performing in duo, quartet, five-piece, and full symphonic shows throughout the world.

  • Tuesday, Apr. 23, 2019

    Olivia O'Brien

    with Kevin George

    Born in Thousand Oaks, California in 1999, O'Brien grew up singing from a young age and taught herself to play guitar and piano. By her teens, she was writing her own songs, as well as posting cover songs online. In August of 2016, O'Brien released her debut solo single, "Trust Issues. Her first full-length effort, Was It Even Real?, just arrived this spring.

  • Tuesday, Apr. 23, 2019


    AEG / LMC / SLE Present

    Buy tickets at and Marquee box office.

Apr 24
  • Wednesday, Apr. 24, 2019

    MIM Musical Interludes Series: Contemporary Percussion Ensemble

    ASU’s percussion students will present a program of exotic rhythms and vibrant colors, drawing from the formative repertoire of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. On stage will be drums from a wide array of musical cultures; melodic percussion instruments derived from Asian, African, and South American traditions; and a large collection of found, constructed, and recycled instruments.

  • Wednesday, Apr. 24, 2019

    Sanjay Subrahmanyan

    Sanjay Subrahmanyan was born in Chennai, India, on January 21, 1968, into a family steeped in Carnatic music. The air in his childhood home was thick with the strains of some of the greatest voices ever known to the Carnatic music world—blaring out from the radio, tape recorders, and the gramophone. Like many others in the family, Subrahmanyan took to the art form like a duck to water. His early training included violin and vocal classes from Guru V. Lakshminarayana, his grand aunt Guru Rukmini Rajagopalan, Guru Calcutta K. S. Krishnamurti, and more recently, from nadaswaram maestro Guru S. R. D. Vaidyanathan. Today, at the height of his powers, Subrahmanyan is himself an iconic inspiration to the younger generation, and his legion of admirers is spread all over the globe.

  • Wednesday, Apr. 24, 2019


    Indie pop band, formed in early 2017 and originating in London. The group consists of international members from England, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand and includes members of The Eversons.

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Apr 26
  • Friday, Apr. 26, 2019

    Blac Rabbit

    Born and raised in the mecca of hip hop, Brooklyn, New York, identical twin brothers Amiri and Rahiem Taylor had more exposure in their house to pop, funk and soul music from the 60's, 70's and 80's. While attending a democratic-free high school they taught themselves how to play guitar and write songs based on The Beatles. They later formed Blac Rabbit, bringing in former metal and church drummer Patrick Jones, followed by resident shredder Josh Lugo on bass (and sometimes guitar), and most recently adding multi-instrumentalist Justin Jagbir on keyboard to play their original psychedelic rock tunes. Blac Rabbit’s fan base has increased significantly while they have been touring globally and recording their debut full length album titled Interstella, set for release in spring 2019. The first single from the album, "Seize the Day" was released on November 19th, 2018 while the band was on their first European tour. 21+ show

  • Friday, Apr. 26, 2019

    Banana Gun, Snailmate, The Spider Hole and Future Exes

    Banana Gun is a five-piece alternative jazz, rock and blues band from Phoenix. Their most recent album, Dance Monkey Down in Faux Town was released in May 2017. Snailmate is a melting pot of musical styles that emerges from the muddle with a humorous hip hop-electronica-funk fusion. They formed in early 2015 by Kalen Lander and Ariel Monet in Phoenix. Their latest EP is Existential Anxiety released early 2018. The Spider Hole performs songs meant to stir brains and rattle bones. Based in sun-scorched Phoenix, the band started banging sounds together in the late nineties and has steadily developed an aural stew that is partly rock, partly cabaret, partly blues, and partly goth. The band just released a new album and accompanying graphic novel entitled To the Monsters March 2019. Future Exes is a 5 piece dirty blues rock band from Tempe. 21+ show

  • Friday, Apr. 26, 2019

    J.D. The Anarchist

    with Jalopy Bungus, 20 Pounds, Splash Fuego, Catmints Q, KBFR, Yung Wave

  • Friday, Apr. 26, 2019

    Langston Hughes’s Ask Your Mama: 12 Moods for Jazz

    Featuring the Ron McCurdy Quartet

    By way of videography, this concert performance links the words and music of Hughes’s poetry to topical images of Ask Your Mama’s people, places, and events and to the works of the visual artists Langston Hughes admired or collaborated with most closely over the course of his career. Together, the words, sounds, and images re-create a magical moment in our cultural history which bridges the Harlem Renaissance, the post-World War II Beat writers’ coffeehouse jazz poetry world, and the looming Black Arts performance explosion of the 1960s.

  • Friday, Apr. 26, 2019

    Whitey Morgan

    On sale now! 13+