Yucca Tap Room

One of our favorite spots for live music in Tempe. Just about all of their shows are FREE. Drinks are cheap and the atmosphere is relaxed. There is something musical going on 7 days a week. Hang out and watch live bands with a PBR or go next door and play pool and explore their finer selection of booze and craft beers. ALL SHOWS ARE ALWAYS 21+. The Yucca is located on the SW corner of Southern and Mill ave. The parking and entrance are located behind the venue.

Upcoming Shows for Yucca Tap Room

  • Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2019


    With THE LIVING DEADS * PLANET WHAT * Pygmy Death Ray * Molotov Cockroach

  • Thursday, Jan. 24, 2019

    BUCK-O-NINE * 2 Tone Lizard Kings

    Buck-O-Nine is a San Diego-based ska-punk band that gained a small following in the mid-'90s, and whose popularity increased as the third wave ska revival reached the mainstream with the success of Rancid and No Doubt.

    With 2 Tone Lizard Kings * Bowcat * Mr. Incommunicado

  • Friday, Jan. 25, 2019

    Tsunami Bomb

    Bay Area punk combo Tsunami Bomb was formed around 1999 by bassist Dominic Davi, who was joined by vocalist Agent M, guitarist Mike Griffen, and drummer Gabe Lindeman. With their California punk influences sewed proudly to their sleeves, the members of Tsunami Bomb set about conquering America the old fashioned way -- with incessant touring. Tsunami Bomb was bolstered by the success of early 7" releases on A.F.I. bassist Hunter Bergan's Checkmate label, as well as a fan base built through the band's dogged touring schedule.

    With The Venomous Pinks * FoL * Off The Mark

  • Saturday, Jan. 26, 2019


    PopTop is a great trio here in town that delivers a pretty sweet mix of rock and roll, soul, R&B and surf. Nothing typical about these guys, you have three veterans of several bands around town that include Sistahs Too, Big Nick and The Gila Monsters, Starr, Neckbone, The Vibe, The Chocolate Walrus, Velvet Radio and The Egomaniacs. The trio of Ricky J Lockhart on the drums, Rocky Heyer on guitar and Dennis Drewry on the bass not only know how to play and play really, really well, all three also trade off on the vocals to create a great experience live perfect for getting out on the dance floor. If you just like to kick back and watch a band that delivers a tight set they are perfect in that respect as well!

  • Saturday, Jan. 26, 2019


    Larry and His Flask are the original Post-Americana rock band hailing from Bend, Oregon.

    With BLACK SQUARE * The Limit Club

  • Dave Vito & The Volunteers @ Yucca Tap Room Jan. 27
  • Saturday, Mar. 02, 2019

    Kool Keith

    MC Intelligence w/ Chuck Treece