1000 person venue and event space located in the heart of Downtown Phoenix.

Upcoming Shows for Pressroom

  • Friday, Mar. 22, 2019

    Full Moon Festival (Rebirth)

    The Full Moon Festival returns to the Pressroom on for an extravagant evening to celebrate spring's first full moon. Come enjoy Arizona's best music, art installations, food, friends and surprises. Join us under the stars. Here is the line-up:

    ~ Bass Stage (hosted by Nasty Fam) ~
    Big Stabes
    Dylan Heckert
    Dark Mark
    Sam Groove
    Kyotari B2B Soulspeek

    :: Techno Stage (hosted by Techno Snobs) ::
    Dustin Zahn (Drumcode, Truesoul, Enemy)
    Rolando Hodar (Aerotek Recordings)
    Alex Avila

    -= Live Stage =-
    Black Bottom Lighters
    The Hourglass Cats
    Twin Ponies
    Weird Radicals
    Full Moon Drum Circle

    ♥ Heart Shala ♥
    Dela Moon (Street Ritual, Moontribe)
    Soulscrybe (Shanti Planti)
    Deux Yeux
    Louis Da Sloth
    Nove Mese

    # Moon Groove Silent Disco #
    Sean C.
    Kid Electro

    This event is 18+. Cameras OK. Vape Pens allowed outside of venue. All bags subject to security search. Event is indoor and outdoors. No liquids allowed, containers must be emptied. Water stations provided throughout venue.

  • Saturday, Mar. 23, 2019

    Method Man & Redman

    Cowtown After party

  • Friday, Apr. 05, 2019

    Mike Sherm

    Mike Sherm is a hip hop artist from California. This is an All Ages event.

  • Saturday, Apr. 13, 2019

    Space Jesus, Buku, Huxley Anne and Eazybaked

    Space Jesus is the feeling you get when you travel through a wormhole in a fresh pair of Jordans. Jasha Tull was born in New Jersey and raised on hip hop. With his alarm set to NYC's Hot 97 throughout elementary school, Jasha started making beats at a young age and created Space Jesus as a vessel to express his personal experiences through music. With a focus on alien basslines, gangster beats and future feels, the Spaceman imprints his signature sound onto each genre he graces. Buku, Huxley Anne and Eazybaked will all be taking the stage as well for this 18+ show.

  • Sunday, Apr. 14, 2019

    Brown Boys Tour with Sidhu Moosewala, Sunny Malton, Byg Byrd and Amar Sandhu

    The "Brown Boys" tour comes to the Pressoom this evening featuring Sidhu Moosewala, Sunny Malton, Byg Byrd and Amar Sandhu. All Ages show