Club Red - East Theater

Upcoming Shows for Club Red - East Theater

  • Wednesday, Sep. 26, 2018


    Exmortus are an entity amongst themselves and their music, both complex and thoroughly hook-laden, refuses to lend itself to easy categorization. From their technical death-thrash riffage and surgically precise drumming to their neo-classical, twin virtuoso lead guitar attack, their appeal is vast. Fans of death metal, thrash, prog metal, traditional heavy metal and all true metal sub-genres alike enjoy having their craniums crushed by Exmortus.

    Hatchet, Immortal Guardian, Scattered Guts, Betrayal of Allies, Buttonface

  • Wednesday, Sep. 26, 2018


    ohGr is a band formed by Nivek Ogre, of Skinny Puppy, and musician/engineer Mark Walk. Although the pedigree of the group's members might suggest otherwise, ohGr is not strictly an industrial group, as it draws heavily from elements of electro-pop, metal, and even hip hop. The sound diverges heavily from that of Ogre's earlier Skinny Puppy work, incorporating a more conventional structure as well as a lighter tone, lyrically and musically.

    With Lead Into Gold, Omniflux

  • Thursday, Sep. 27, 2018


    "Taking the excellent dynamics of Pestilence with the visceral intensity of Sepultura and the technical prowess of Carcass combined with shredding extensive leads and solos Revocation are a band that is going places." -

    With Exhumed, Rivers Of Nihil, Yautja, Excessive Bleeding, All In Agony

  • ¬°Mayday! / Poizonous Logik @ Club Red - East Theater Sep. 27
  • Friday, Sep. 28, 2018


    With Lody Kong, Ironkill, Archenaut, Aerial Strike, Zherra

  • Saturday, Sep. 29, 2018

    Jay Aston's Gene Loves Jezebel

    Jay Aston's Gene Loves Jezebel is set to do its first headlining tour of North America in 10 years. The tour begins Sept. 4 in Austin, Texas, and ends Sept. 29 in Mesa, Arizona. The band's current lineup consists of lead singer Aston, guitarist James Stevenson, bass player Pete Rizzo and drummer Chris Bell, who have all been members of the band since the 1980s.

    With AUDRA

  • Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018

    Agent Orange

    w/ UK Subs, Guttermouth